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Hong Kong’s private residential sales volume and prices have gathered momentum due to a vast turnaround in sentiment riding on the back of improved economic conditions and a healthy outlook. The reader will recall that in Canada the ‘prudent investor’ rule was first studied by the Uniform Law Conference.

But having said that, Singapore private residential property offers a different risk-return profile. More interestingly, we observed that in the early 1990s (1993 – 1996) the volatility of private residential prices in Singapore was higher than that in Hong Kong, but appeared to have decreased over time (Table 1b).

On the other hand, Hong Kong enjoyed a relatively lower volatility in private residential prices during 1993 –1996 (Table 1b). But subsequently, it faced relatively higher volatility in private residential prices compared to Singapore. In this sense, while Singapore private home price increases in the future are likely to be less exciting, the market is also likely to be more stable, compared to Hong Kong. Perth's leasing activity was impressive last year and this has continued into 2003, particularly at the smaller end of the market. However, rental growth has been minimal due to an ultra competitive leasing market. I would like to introduce our highly talented and who are always helping in valuation transactions.

Knight Frank has identified over 140,000sq.m of major leases and precommitments in 2002/03, a sterling effort considering the easy pace of the Western Australian economy. However, this relationship has weakened over the past two years.

Take-up has averaged almost 130,000sq.m p.a while economic growth has been in the 2-3% range (which is quite sluggish for WA). Traditional industrial areas such as Canning Vale, Kewdale, Welshpool, Balcatta and Osborne Park continue to record the lions share of new leases. This quite clearly reflects the availability of space in these areas. To date Knight Frank has not recorded any significant uplift in demand from resources/ engineering sector companies stemming from the China & South Korean gas deals although it has been noted in the office market.