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Rapid changes in India’s economy have resulted in a marked change in the list of companies requiring office space. Meanwhile, the completion of the Mumbai-Pune expressway in 2001, reducing travel time between the two cities to two hours, is expected to boost the office market in Pune, which has become a favoured location for the expansion plans of IT companies.

Despite the prospect of a slower economy in 2001, office market fundamentals are expected to remain fairly healthy in the short term. Vacancies are expected to remain low with few new buildings due for completion until at least 2002-04.

Accordingly, while rentals for premium space are holding or even showing some growth, net effective rents for secondary space have been in decline, with the re-emergence of letting incentives as landlords seek to retain or attract tenants Wellington is witnessing a similar, but less pronounced trend, with a CBD vacancy rate of around 10.5%.

The future of the economic environment remains uncertain in Kenya, though power rationing eased at the end of 2000 and unseasonal rains have partly replenished depleted dams. The office market in Nairobi remains oversupplied, though accommodation which meets occupiers’ needs, i.e. decentralised with good communication and parking facilities, is becoming limited. This is a legislature activity and it is carried out to compute the rates and assessments for the property. Getting prevalent property valuation AUSTRALIA is about the property itself as well as about its area.

In both the residential and commercial markets, properties that satisfy tenants’ expectations will remain fully let while those whose facilities, amenities and management do not, are expected to face low occupancy rates and reduced rents.

In Kampala, the recent completion of the renovation of 5,000 sq m in the IPS Building, plus the imminent completion of 17,000 sq m in the NSSF Building and 4,000 sq m in Simbamanyo House, has seen the market move to a position of oversupply, with vacancy rates increasing in older buildings. In addition, 4,000 sq m is expected to become available in September 2001 and a further 8,000 sq m in 2002 at Crested Towers, currently under the initial stages of renovation.