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But the place of memories and associations cannot be an investment factor. That is really a matter for the maker of the will. The honeymoon is over for the newly elected Labour Government in New Zealand. However, there remains reasonable private sector demand for units of up to 300 sq m. There continues to be good level of interest to own and occupy new office premises, although the recent increase in interest rates could dampen this.

The office market in Francistown remains depressed and is expected to become more so, as the long awaited Government offices open in August. The current development cycle has come to an end and the lack of demand for new office accommodation has resulted in over two years' supply of varying quality in Nairobi.

Both the residential and commercial markets are softening, though a period of stagnation and adjustment is expected as opposed to a collapse. However, since the opening of the new PPF Tower, rental levels have fallen in line with normal principles of supply and demand. Investor confidence, already affected by the country’s involvement in the ongoing war in Congo, has been hit further by recent clashes between Ugandan and Rwandan troops in northern Congo. Kampala’s property market remains stagnant and although the recently completed Rwenzori Courts has achieved lettings of US$18 per sq m per month, prime rents across the market as a whole remain unchanged. Valuations SA is giving their clients the most efficient and usable services to deal with their process and make their house more attractive.

After 20 years of independence under Mr Mugabe’s rule, recent months have seen Zimbabwe in crisis, with continuing economic decline and a slump in business confidence. Inflation skyrocketed to 70% in early 2000, pushing the cost of building upwards. The removal of currency risk within “Euroland” is of considerable significance.

Faced with an already complex market, foreign and crossborder investors have often been deterred in their international plans owing to uncertainties over future currency fluctuations. If assets are to be retained, or the trustees are to have the power to retain, it follows from the answer to the previous question that this is something that should be clearly stated in the trust instrument.