Real Estate Agents Vs Professional Property Valuers, Who Really Knows Their Stuff?
A trustee who thinks otherwise must ponder the fact that the trustee can have no control over the retention or timely availability to the owner (the trust beneficiary) of those other resources. The outsized gain in the CBD index supports the anecdotal evidence that internet, communications, software and media companies, as well as their associated professional service companies, are quickly absorbing Class B and C office space in and around large downtown markets.

The nation’s vacancy rate dropped by 70 basis points to 9.5% in the first quarter, the sharpest decline since the fourth quarter of 1996 and quite possibly the lowest vacancy rate in a quarter of a century.

That too in the writer's opinion is a non-investment element, but something that the sensitive trustee who lacks instruction or guidance in the trust instrument would wish at least to reflect upon. Net absorption climbed for the fourth consecutive quarter, hitting a recent peak of 29.3 million sq ft (2.7 million sq m), whilst the amount of subleased space on the market declined by some 3.8 million sq ft (353,000 sq m).

More increases are expected later this year as the ‘Fed’ strives to control inflation, which rose by 3.7% in the year to March 2000. Office property sales announced in the Institutional Real Estate database for the first quarter totalled $6.2 billion, down from a peak of $13.1 billion and $9.2 billion in the third and fourth quarters of 1999 respectively.

The weak first quarter numbers should be taken in context against the much stronger performance in the previous two quarters, with investors possibly digesting those earlier acquisitions while waiting to see how interest rates play out. A CPD shows that the applicant has made all the pre-mentioned prerequisites and can begin working in expert Australian Property Valuation industry. With the ever expanded interest of dependable valuation experts in the land business of the nation there is a great deal of chance for the qualified Valuers, since they have now ended up practically irreplaceable amid any land arrangement and relying on their effectiveness and system the gaining capability of an Australian property valuers can exceptionally well go past as far as possible.

This is in line with the sector’s 1999 share and up slightly from 1998. After the economic turmoil of the past two years, 2000 is proving to be a good year for much of Latin America, with most economies showing strong signs of recovery.