What are the possible errors that are faced in the property valuation process?
Participants were also asked to explain how the project staff compared with other staff they had been or were currently involved with. Again the majority of participants preferred their relationship with project staff compared to that with their social worker. Nevertheless, some young people describe their relationships with their social workers as being good and very helpful, whilst others had more negative opinions and experiences. Some of the younger participants spoke of not having been allocated a social worker 12 , probably due to either reorganisation within Glasgow area teams or because of a shortage of social work staff more generally within the City.

The possible errors that are involved in the property valuation process are always performed in the best ways for the successful process which is done for knowing the house price. The majority of interviewees suggested that staff at the project were different from their experiences of other workers. They don’t pussyfoot aboot ye, know what I mean, they’re straightforward. Social workers are mare for the weans We werenae weans we’re adults an’ they treat us like adults. I mean we’re expected tae treat them back the same way, know what I mean.

They don’t treat ye like daft weans, they know our ages. They treat ye wi’ a bit of respect. They treat ye like an individual they don’t treat ye like like you’re here an’ ye’ll be daein’ this an’ that You meet them halfway. Social workers an’ that it’s as if they are trying to catch you oot doin’ the bad things an’ like tryin’ tae find bad things that ye’ve done an’ that. Gonna get ye into trouble an’ stuff.

This is the primary utilization of the Separation/De Facto Relationship Valuations which is generally accomplished for the utilization of individuals why should speculation offer their home in the property field. By performing such steps the entire procedure of valuation gets finished in the less difficult way for doing the legitimate steps effectively with the point of making different benefits in the property field. This will make you completely free from a wide range of issues that are done in the right ways.But the partnership project that was like ye could talk about stuff ye’d done an’ ye’d get things off your chest and’ that without them coming’ soon on yea saying’ you're bad and’ stuff.