Why are there problems coming in process of valuation?
Having managed to persuade the Department of Health to invest over the last 12 months in a social care information policy unit as the focus of social care IM&T issues, we now find that the landscape has changed again. I think the clear direction of travel in the Green Paper is self evident and this has been confirmed in numerous ministerial speeches. This presents ADSS with major challenges for the coming months and years - not only in relation to the IM and T agenda. As far as IMG (and its parent body ADSS Standards and Performance Committee) is concerned.

I think we have arrived at somewhat of a crossroads if we are to retain our proactive and influencing modus operandi. We must rethink who we do business with. And start to think about what organisations can support us in ensuring that social care continues to have an influential voice within responsible government departments. I am confident that ADDS can reposition itself in relation to Department of Health and DfES, but we also need to use other national organisations to support and promote the social care case.

This is obviously not just an IM&T issue for the ADSS. I feel we now need to be giving urgent consideration to our ongoing strategy for working with a range of agencies organisations. Following the London local elections the managing director was taking early retirement and Geoff had been asked to act up so would I cover the director pos.

The late call heralding the changes within a week Permanent appointment to the post didn't occur till this April with the director's vacancy advertised once Geoff's appointment has been completed. This laid out a wide array of challenges but with confidence and composure settling my jangled nerves. Attendance at branch meetings since then has been of similar assistance. So the initial challenge has been the unforeseen transition from a management team with a stable membership for the past three years.