Privacy Policy
The main purpose of collecting information from your side is only to keep our website safe and secure from any kind of hazardous element which may come in any form. There is much software installed to protect our website.

But on the other hand protecting your personal information is our main policy in which we try our best to keep your information safe. Personal information that we take from your side is name, contact number or email address.

When you visit our website we get some information about your existence in the form of getting information regarding IP address, browser type, date and time, this information are tracked by us.

Cookies are much helpful in saving some information of user’s existence and this information later helps us to improve website pages to attract user and fulfill their needs.

We believe in continuously working according to users’ needs and provide them with useful information.

Your personal information is stored in our database safely and we do not allow anybody to access that information. We first take permission from your side and then allow any third party to access your personal information. As we think first about our clients and their safety is our main goal.

By keeping our website threat free we are able to make more visitors. Privacy policy is important because this keeps full surety of keeping website safe and secure.

Our policy is main concern for users because by having such policy we will be able to keep our website safe.